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Friday, 24 May 2013

Ambarsariya(Fukrey) Guitar Chords

Song- Ambarsariya
Munna Dhiman
Ram Sampath
Sona Mahapatra
Bit of complex composition from Ram Sampath.. he used lots of 7th, 6th & suspended chords to give the song its acoustic here we go..
(Note:this is a traditional punjabi folk song presented in a new manner in the movie)

Intro- {(Em)..(D)..(Am)..(Bm7)}-[2 times]
(B7)-[single downstroke]

Gali mein (Em7)maare (D)phere paas aa(Am)ne ko (Bm7)mere..
..gali mein (Em7)maare (D)phere paas aa(Am)ne ko (Bm7)mere
(Bm7)kabhi parakhta (D6)nain mere tu
(D)kabhi parakhta (DM7)tor
(Bm7)kabhi parakhta (D6)nain mere tu
(F#m7)kabhi parakhta (B7)tor..

..Ambar(Em)sariya (D)mundave kachiya (Am)kaliyaan na (B7)tod
..Ambar(Em)sariya (D)mundave kachiya (Am6)kaliyaan na (B7)tod
..Teri Maa(Em)ne (D)bole hain mujhe (Am)teekhe se (B7)bol
..Teri Maa(Em)ne (D)bole hain mujhe (Am6)teekhe se (B7)bol Ambar(Em)sariya..(GM7)Aa..(DM7)..(B7)
..Ho ambar(Em)sariya..(GM7)Aa..(DM7)..(B7)

{(Bm7)Main kaliyon ke jaisi meri (A)alhad umar (DM7)niyadi
(Bm7)chhoti si yeh jaan meri aur (A)joban behta (DM7)paani}-[2 times]
{(B7sus4)..(B7)}-[single downstroke]

Jab se (Em7)chadhi jawaa(D)ni dhoondhti (Am)dil da haa(Bm7)ni..
..jab se (Em7)chadhi jawaa(D)ni dhoondhti (Am6)dil da haa(Bm)ni
(Bm7)main anjani ko ye pani lena (F#m7)jaave (B7)rod
Ambarsariya part repeat

Ho..Oo(Bm7)gori gori meri (B7sus4)kalai (Bm7)haaye..(Bm)aey..(DM7)aey..
Oo..(D)gori gori (Bm7)meri kalai (DM7)choodiyaan kaali (D)kaali
(Bm7)main sharmati (D)roz lagati (A)kaajal surma (DM7)laali..
{(B7sus4)..(B7)}-[single downstroke]
rest of the song is same


Ankit Walia said...

Hi Jimi,

Could you please let me know the strumming pattern for this song?


veer adhikary said...

hey buddy can u please post the chords of the song ''khali salam dua'' from the movie ''shortcut romeo''...and also post this songs sturming pattern..plzz plzz plzzz post is my humble req to u..

jimihndrxguitar said...

@Ankit the strumming pattern that i was playin was like this:
for intro -
B7- single downstroke
the chorus also follows the same strumming pattern,
thanks for visiting my blog
Happy Guitaring

jimihndrxguitar said...

@Veer sorry for the late reply
I'wl soon post the chords for your requested song.
thanks for visiting my blog
Happy Guitaring

Anonymous said...

u should strumming pattern wid every song....

Anonymous said...

Please post chords(and leads if possible) for a beautiful song "mera peer jaane meri peerh" by master saleem. I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks :)

Umesh Sharma said...

dude i needed the tabs for song 'kuch is tarah' i would be so thankful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post of ambarsariya but still confused abt Bm7 B minor but what 7 is

jimihndrxguitar said...

7th chords are known as dominant chords used as leading note to next major chord. it gives a extra flavour to a song.